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Welcome to Science of Light

Science of Light

We are dedicated to teaching traditional Vedic Astrology through well-structured material and online courses.

There are two interactive programs which follow through the two Volumes of Science of Light. Each chapter has video, audio and practice exercises. Students have weekly online meetings where they have support, ask questions and are tested on the applications of principles and techniques they have learned.

Course 1 teaches basic principles which allow a student to successfully read a Vedic Astrology chart. Students are introduced to the Sanskrit Alphabet and pronunciation.

Course 2 gives firmness to one’s astrology practice by teaching the deeper foundations, and more advanced techniques.

Interactive Online Study Course

Science of Light Course 1
Science of Light Course 2


"I have studied both Medieval Western Astrology and Jyotish from other CVA instructors. This class far surpassed my expectations as someone who was eager to learn genuine Vedic Astrology and be able to move toward a proficiency in actively reading charts. The videos in the course as well as the audio are incredibly instructive, expanding and extrapolating upon the information in Freedom Cole’s Science of Light Vol. 1. There are many practices taught in the course that really round one out, such as Mantra practice, Nyasa, and Meditation. Freedom is also extremely hands on, giving near-weekly online conference sessions making sure that you are grasping and growing with the material. His manner is precise and warm, a demeanor fit for an instructor. I would recommend this course to both those who are beginners and those already proficient in Jyotish. By engaging with this material, you will be transformed." -Ian, Licensed Acupuncturist