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The best free software:
Jagannath Hora
This will get you started and take care of all calculation needs.

The best sold software:
Sri Jyoti Star
This is beneficial for serious students and those who intend to give astrological readings.

Astrodienst is an online program that calculates the chart in the western circle. It also has sidereal options. I use this to check the accuracy of the other programs when there is a difference. Those who don't have Sri Jyoti Star can use this to make charts for astrocartography.

 Study Charts:
Bill Gates
Warren Buffet
Mahatma Gandhi
Indira Gandhi
George Bush Jr.
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Adolf Hitler
Ted Bundy
Emperor Aurangzeb
Akbar the Great
Albert Einstein
Dr. Albert Hofmann
Ramana Maharshi
Lahiri Mahasaya
Amritananda Maya Ma
Maharashi Mahesh Yogi
Sai Baba
Acharya Rajneesh(OSHO)
Srila Prabhupada
Swami Muktananda
Ramakrishna Paramhamsa
Sarada Devi
Swami Vivekananda
Jimi Hendrix
Britney Spears
Werner Erhard

More charts and info about these
charts is available at Astro Databank.

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