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I have taught Vedic astrology to beginners for many years and have developed a format that I find effective. Each lesson in the course goes with a chapter from Science of Light (SOL).

In Science of Light Course 1, the first chapter of volume 1 gives a general overview of the entire system and how Astrology works. Then each chapter has a focus of its own going deep into the various parts of the system. Each builds on the other and nothing is random (though it may seem that way for a beginner). The final chapters bring everything together and put it all to practical application reading a chart.

Many people find they need to listen to the SOL Course 1 more than once. I advise listening to the whole course all the way through and doing the assignments as they are given. The final chapter on reading a chart shows all the areas that need deeper study and development. Then one can listen to the course a second time from a new perspective. Audio recordings are good for the second time through. There are many levels within each lesson and a student will get a different perspective each time. This has been the best method for many students in the past.

Final Level I Project
(to be completed for accreditation of level one)

Pick a topic of study and gather 10 charts of people having the condition being studied. Topics can be things such as diseases (uterine cancer, brain tumours, anorexia, MS), or professions (plumbers, electricians, doctors), or situations (married a foreigner, works overseas), or another specific topic of choice; the more specific the better. The more severe the condition the easier it is to see in the chart, it will be difficult to see combinations for cold sores but easy to see people who have died in a car accident. After collecting ten charts of people having that condition, study the chart and see what combinations are shared (creating the situation) and which are different (creating differences to situation and outcomes). For example, every chart of depression has a weak Moon, but they only take medication if Rahu aspects.

  1. State your topic (be as specific as possible).
  2. List the factors you think will cause the condition (what you think you will look for in the chart, the logic you begin with).
  3. State what you find by looking at the charts.
  4. Conclude by sharing how your results were the same or different from what you originally 
thought and the core rules you have uncovered.

The goal of this assignment is to allow you to learn that the charts and your clients are your teachers. By following this format we are making a logical approach to uncovering the rules of astrology through observation. In this way, we have a structure for independent learning and research.


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