Science of Light Course 2

Science of Light Course 2 is a deepening of the philosophy behind the system of Vedic astrology. In this way, there is a deeper understanding of why the principles work the way they do. There is a lot of technical concepts that when understood open up both the spiritual and intuitive powers of the practice of Jyotish. Course two also goes into additional practices such as methods of timing, Ayurjyotisha and remedial measures.

We stand to create astrologers that are grounded in Vedic teachings and to upgrade the level of astrology practiced today. We stand to create a strong ground for research that validates astrology in the modern world without losing the spiritual foundations.

Level II Class: Nevada City 2012 forecast

Wednesdays 4 to 9pmChapter/Topic
April 5
April 11
 Ch 1 Creation
April 18
April 25 (no class)
May 2
May 9
Ch 2 Time
May 16
May 20 eclipse sadhana

May 23
Ch 3 Naisargika dasha
May 30 (UAC no class)
June 4 Eclipse puja
June 6
June 13
Ch 4 & 5 Gunas and the 5 Elements
 June 20Ch 6 Birth Circumstances
June 27
July 4th (no class)
July 11
Ch 7 Special Lagnas
July 18Ch 8 Narayana Dasha
July 25
Aug 1 (Purnima Puja)
Ch 9 Ayurjyotisha
August 8Ch 10 Maraka & Badhaka
August 15Ch 11Curses
 August 22Ch 12 Relationship
 August 29(September 5)Ch 13 Remedial Measures


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